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Ticket FAQ's for ICC World Twenty20 Bangladesh 2014

When will ticket sales begin in Bangladesh? Tickets will be available to purchase online from 17 November 2013
Over the counter sales from designated branches of NCC and Agrani bank will also commence from 17 November 2013.
This sales phase will remain open until 31 December 2013.
A second sales phase will commence from 6 February 2014. A limited number of tickets for all matches will be available to purchase from this time only Online. This is to ensure that the opportunity exists for people to buy tickets closer to the event.

How do I buy tickets?

  • Tickets can be purchased: Via the ticket sales website. This can be reached by following the links from Tickets must be paid for by credit card (Mastercard / Visa only) at the time of purchase.
  • Online transactions may be made in Bangladeshi taka or US$. All online transactions will incur a small card processing fee.
  • In person at one of the official ticket exchange Counters located in specific locations. The locations are as follows: Outlets
  • Tickets CANNOT be purchased at this counters, but those who have Purchased tickets earlier in Phase 1 and will be purchasing now can exchange to get Actual Tickets.
  • Tickets can also be obtained from official tour and travel partners as part of an official tour and travel programme. Details of the officially licensed tour and travel partners can be found at
  • If you obtain a ticket from any other source, you run the risk of your ticket being invalidated and access to matches denied.

How can I pay for tickets? Prices of tickets are fixed at an exchange rate of BDT 78 to US$1. Tickets purchased online must be paid for using a valid credit card (Mastercard / Visa only) . All payments in cash for tickets must be in Bangladeshi taka.

Do phase 2 tickets go on sale at the same time overseas as they do in Bangladesh? Yes, tickets go on sale internationally and in Bangladesh from the 6th February 2014.

How many tickets can I buy? There is a limit of 4 tickets that any person can purchase for any match. There is no limit to the number of matches that a person can buy tickets for, subject to the purchaser being physically able to attend each match for which he is buying tickets. For example, a person cannot buy tickets to matches at different venues on the same day.

Will any ticket categories be sold out in November? No. There is a second phase of ticket sales which will start on 6 February 2014 when further tickets to all matches in all ticket categories will be released for sale.

I have tried to buy tickets but see the message 'temporarily unavailable.' What does this mean? This means that at the current time the number of tickets you requested are not available for purchase for the match or ticket category that you selected. It does not mean that tickets have sold out.
You can do one of the following:

  • try to buy a lesser number of tickets
  • select a different ticket category
  • try again on 1 February when the final phase of ticket sales will start

How do I know which matches Bangladesh will play in if they qualify for the second round? Bangladesh is in Group A in the first round and if they qualify for the second round they would play in the group which will be based in Dhaka.
The Bangladesh Men's team will not play in Sylhet. The Bangladesh women's team will play their four group matches in Sylhet.

How can I purchase tickets from outside of Bangladesh? You can buy tickets either via the internet through or if you wish to buy tickets as part of a tour & travel package, details can be found on

Can I buy general admission tickets from Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)? No. General admission tickets in Phase 2 are only available from the official website.

Can I buy the tickets from the stadiums? Ticket sales will only take place from match venues on match day, provided there are tickets remaining for that particular match day. Tickets for other match days cannot be purchased at a match venue.

What are the Ticket Exchange outlet opening hours? Ticket exchange locations are as follow Outlets

How many tickets will be issued per day at the ticket office? There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be sold from an outlet on any given day, subject to the number of tickets actually available in any given ticket category for any match, and the speed with which transactions can be processed.
Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis in all categories. Remember that not all of the available ticket capacity will be on sale from 17 November 2013 and the remainder of tickets will go on sale from 6 February 2014.

Can I contact the ticket office by phone? The ticket offices themselves are not contactable by phone but there is a ticketing helpline number for all enquiries. The local number to dial is +88 (0) 96 1212 1212 for local enquiries or +91 22 40355355 for international enquiries. Note that tickets are not being sold over the phone and this helpline is for enquiries only.

Is there a ticket sales hotline? No. Tickets are not being sold over the phone.

Who can purchase tickets? Anyone with valid identification document (national ID card in Bangladesh or valid passport) can purchase tickets. There is a limit of 4 tickets that any person can purchase for any match. The ticket system will not permit a greater number of tickets to be purchased by any individual or organisation.

I see there are two matches at a venue on the same day - do I need two tickets? No. A ticket is valid for a particular match day - whether for a single match or two matches (a 'double-header'). Tickets are priced for each match day according to whether one or two matches are scheduled to be played on that day.

SYLHET 50 2000 0.75 28
CHITTAGONG 50 2000 0.75 28
DHAKA 50 2000 0.75 28
SEMIFINALS 100 3000 1.5 42
FINALS 200 4000 3 56

Please refer match wise listing for detailed stand wise pricing.
Note: Prices are fixed at an exchange rate of 78 BDT to US$ 1

What is a Hospitality ticket? A hospitality ticket is a match ticket for a corporate hospitality facility and the price includes a catering package.

Can anyone buy hospitality tickets? Yes, subject to availability. Hospitality sales are managed by the Bangladesh Cricket Board. Anyone wishing to purchase hospitality should contact Abdullah Al Mamun ( of the Bangladesh Cricket Board directly.

Can I just buy single match tickets for the semi-final or final only? Yes, subject to availability.

At what stage can I buy tickets to the semi-finals and finals? Tickets for all matches will be available to buy when phase 2 ticket sales commence on 6 February 2014.

Do I need to buy tickets for the practice matches? Yes. Men’s Practice matches will be ticketed and these tickets will be available from 6 February 2014.

Will there be children's tickets? No. There is not a specific category of children's tickets. Remember however that each seat is numbered and will have a specific ticket. There is a strict policy of one ticket per person which includes children.

Do children need tickets? Yes. All children need tickets.

Do I need to produce any identification document when buying the tickets? Yes. All ticket purchases will require submission of details of a valid identification document (passport, or national ID card. This same identification document will need to be presented in order to collect tickets that have been purchased.

What if I have lost or changed my identification document / number after I have purchased a ticket. You will have to go to one of the venue box offices from 9 February 2014 and bring with you your ticket receipt, a copy of your old identification document (if possible) and your new identification document. You cannot change the details of a booking at any of the outlets.
Alternatively you can email in order to advise of a change in details or circumstances and request an update to their profile. Once verified, the changes will be reflected on your account.

What if I don't have an identification document? You will require either a national identification card (Bangladeshi national) or valid passport in order to be able to buy and collect tickets.

Can I buy tickets on behalf of someone else with their identification document? No, Purchase or Exchange will be allowed on producing original id of respective holder.

How many tickets can one person buy? Purchases are limited to a maximum of 4 tickets per person to any match.

How many tickets will be available to the public? As with all major sports events, a number of tickets must be provided to the event sponsors. An allocation of tickets will be made available to BCB and ICC guests. All remaining tickets will be available to the public, whether through tour and travel packages or individual sale via the internet, or specified outlets, if any

When will I know where I will be sitting? The ticket programme is based on the strict policy of 'one person, one seat, one ticket'. All seats in the venue will be numbered and your ticket will be valid for a specific seat only. Your seats will be confirmed at the time of booking. There is no free seating in the stands at any venue. Note that for operational reasons it may be necessary to alter your identified seat. If this is necessary you will be offered an alternative at the same price category. If this is not possible you will be offered a lower price ticket and a full refund of your original purchase price.

How do I know where my seat is when I buy the tickets? You will be able to choose the block in which you buy your ticket and see where this is in the venue at the time of purchase.

Can I choose where I want to sit? Yes you will be able to choose the seats that you want.

What if I don't like my seats? You should select the area in which you want to sit carefully as once purchased no refunds will be offered except in accordance with the refund policy. This policy will be available on the ticket website.

Can I exchange my seat with someone else? The ticket conditions regulate against the on selling of tickets, however, once purchased and in the venue, much like being on an airplane or in the cinema, you may be able to ask someone to swap seats with you.

Will there be seating for wheelchair users provided at each venue? Yes, specific areas for wheelchair users are at each venue and seats in these areas can be purchased via the Internet or from any of the box offices or MoneyGram outlets. For queries relating to wheelchair seating, please email or call the ticket enquiry line on +88 (0) 96 1212 1212

I am in a wheelchair and need my companion with me - will they get a free ticket? No. Seating for companions is provided adjacent to the areas dedicated to wheelchair viewing and is priced according to the location.

Will there be price concessions for disabled persons? Prices for disabled persons are the same as prices for other seats in the same section of the venue.

Who set the ticket prices and how? ICC and BCB have agreed on the ticket prices which are designed to provide maximum opportunity for Bangladeshi fans to attend matches.

Are ticket prices the same regardless of which country I reside in? Yes, the published prices are the same for everyone.

Can I sell or transfer my tickets? By purchasing a ticket you agree (or are deemed to have agreed) to abide by the ticket terms and conditions. These terms and conditions prohibit the on-sale of tickets. Any tickets that are identified to have been transferred or purchased in contravention of the terms and conditions will be invalidated and the holder may not be permitted access to the venue.

Can I use tickets bought by someone else? Yes provided you obtained the tickets in accordance with the ticket terms and conditions. This means a friend can buy a ticket for you and you can pay him for the ticket, but the exchange of tickets for commercial gain is not permitted under the ticket terms and conditions.

Is it illegal to buy tickets from someone else? No provided you are obtaining the tickets at face value from someone you know who purchased them on your behalf. Tickets found to have been sold for profit on the so called 'black market' will be cancelled in the system and the holders of those tickets may not be permitted access to the venue.

Can tickets be used in a business promotion or as a prize in a competition? No. Only official event partners may utilize tickets in any business promotion, incentive scheme, competition or marketing campaign, and then only with the specific approval of ICC. Any tickets used in this way by any unauthorised person or organisation may face action by ICC and the tickets used in the activity will be cancelled.

What are the phases of the ticketing programme? Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis from the launch of sales on 10 November (both online and retail outlet sales).
Tickets will remain for sale in the first sales phase, and according to availability, until 31 December.
During this period, purchasers, whether online or in person at a MoneyGram outlet will receive a voucher which will confirm the following information:

  • Purchasers name, address, ID number
  • Unique transaction number
  • Details of tickets purchased
  • Confirmation of the amount paid
This receipt will need to be retained and presented in order to collect the actual match tickets. Match tickets will only be available for collection from 9 February 2014 from Outlets
Tickets can be collected only by the person named on the receipt. They must be carrying the identification document that was used at the time of purchase.
It is likely that certain sections of the venues for certain matches will be unavailable for periods of time. This does not mean that the tickets are necessarily sold out as it is probable that tickets reserved for commercial partners will be returned to ICC and will then be made available for purchase by the public.
Ticket sales will be closed in January 2014 during which time all purchases made during the first phase will be fulfilled.
Ticket sales will re-open on 6 February 2014 when all remaining tickets will be made available for sale. There will be tickets available in all categories for all matches from this date. This is to ensure that the opportunity exists for people to buy tickets closer to the event.
After 9 February 2014 when the ticket offices reopen, tickets may be collected by the purchaser from Outlets

I am in Dhaka. Can I buy tickets for matches in Chittagong or Sylhet? Yes. The online system allows access to purchase tickets to all matches.

If I buy tickets but find I can't use them, can I request a refund? Refunds will only be offered in exceptional circumstances or in the event that a match is not played. Refer to the refund policy which will be placed on the ICC website

Can I buy tickets from both the online ticket portal as well as through the outlets? For Phase 2, Ticket sales is available only via Online subject to the maximum ticket limits per person.

If I have bought tickets for one match can I make further purchases for other matches at a later date. Yes, subject to the maximum ticket limits per person. You will have a customer reference number which will enable you to log in to your account, or return to a ticket sales outlet and book and pay for further tickets.

Can tickets be purchased from agents other than the Official Agents of ICC WT20 Bangladesh 2014? The official website, selected MoneyGram outlets are the only places authorised to sell tickets. Tickets will be available as part of official tour and travel packages through licensed agent only.

How do I know that I am dealing with a credible ticketing source? The only official website for the purchase of tickets is via the ICC website
The outlets of MoneyGram that have an official point of sale are listed at the back of this document.
You should remember that when you buy tickets during the first phase of ticketing from 10 November until the end of December 2013 you will not receive your actual match tickets. You will get a voucher that will have a barcode and feature all the information about you and of the tickets you have bought.
Physical tickets will ONLY be issued from the three venue ticket box offices and specified outlets from 9th February 2014. Outlets
If you have booked and paid for tickets online, you will need to bring a print out of the purchase confirmation page or receipt that you were emailed, along with a copy of your identification document in order to be able to collect your tickets.

Can I be certain that my credit card details will be safe and secure when paying online? Yes. The online system has the most up to date technology to ensure your credit card details remain safe. The transaction is directly through to your bank and once the transaction is complete the ticket sales staff cannot view or access your credit card details.

What is the Refund Policy? This will be available in detail on the ICC website -
No refunds will be offered for any match unless there is no play at all at the venue that day.

Do I get the actual ticket at the time of the purchase? Prior to 9 February 2014, no you will not. You will receive a voucher featuring your details and confirming the tickets you have bought. This receipt, along with the identification document used at the time of purchase will need to be presented by the purchaser to collect tickets.
Ticket collection will take place from the three official venue box offices and selected Moneygram outlets from 1 February 2014.
There will also be automated ticket collection points at the international airports in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet where international purchasers can scan the barcode on their ticket receipt and obtain their tickets.
Locations For collection of tickets will be available on Outlets

What will I receive at the time of purchase? You will receive a voucher which will show the following information:

  • Purchaser's name, address, ID number
  • Unique transaction number
  • Details of tickets purchased
  • Confirmation of the amount paid
  • This voucher and the identification document must be presented at one of the venue box offices or selected outlets to collect the tickets.
  • If you are buying online you should print the confirmation page. You will also receive your confirmation by email.

When will I receive the physical tickets? You will be able to collect tickets from the designated official box offices from 9 February 2014. If you elected to have tickets couriered to you, this will be done from 9 February.

Where do I collect my tickets from? From one of the venue box offices located as follows:

  • Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur
  • Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium- Chittagong
  • Sylhet Divisional Stadium - Sylhet
  • Or or Click Here for details
  • Please refer Exchange Counter tab for a detailed list.
  • There will also be automated ticket collection points at the international airports in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet where international purchasers can scan the barcode on their ticket receipt and obtain their tickets.

I am in Dhaka. If I have purchased tickets for matches in Sylhet, will I be able to collect the tickets in Dhaka? You can collect all your tickets from any of the specified ticket collection offices.

After purchase, can I request the tickets to be delivered to me? No. All requests for delivery of tickets must be made at the time of purchase.

Is there a cost for delivery of tickets? Yes. This will be indicated to you at the time of purchase and you can decide whether to accept these costs or not.

Will my tickets be replaced if they are lost or stolen? This will depend upon the circumstances but it is unlikely to be possible. Once issued, tickets should be treated as if they were money.

If my tickets are damaged can I get them replaced? May be. You should take them to an official ticket office to see if this is possible or necessary.

Can I use tickets as prizes in a raffle / raffles for my club / charity or to promote them in any other way? No.

If I buy tickets, can I use them to market or promote my business or products that I sell? No.

Do I have to pay a processing fee when I buy the tickets? If you buy tickets online or using a credit or debit card at a ticket office then you will be required to pay a card processing fee. If you pay by cash at a MoneyGram outlet there is no processing fee and you will only pay the face value of the ticket.

Where can I find a copy of the ticket conditions? The terms and conditions are available on the official sales website (you will have to acknowledge and accept them in order to complete a purchase of tickets).
They will also be posted within the MoneyGram outlets and distributed with tickets.
An abbreviated version of the terms and conditions will be printed on the reverse of the physical tickets themselves.
I have question about tickets. Who do I contact? You should read this FAQ document in its entirety to see if your question is answered.
If you still have a question you can do one of the following:

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